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We take pride to be 100% percent Guatemalan Company, with over 40 years in experience, offering specialized solutions in developing and distributing new plastic products.

1960- METALOPLASTICA, S.A. Was founded by the current President and CEO to meet the growing demand for precision injection molded products and component, and supply them at globally competitive prices. Manufacture, distribution and sales departament are located at 19 Ave. 7-89 Zona 11, Guatemala City Guatemala, C.A. Step into our Guatemala premises, and you'll find a modern, well equipped, 8,000 square foot facility designed to provide our clients with a full range of manufacturing services.
  1. Our on site technology investment includes:

    Injection Molding facilities with 26 injection molding machines ranging from 20 to 300 ton machines.
  2. Injection Blow molding facility.
  3. Full equipped quality control departments that monitor each stage of the manufacturing process.
  4. Assembly and finishing facilities: pad printing, silk screening, label apllication and metal stamping.


METALOPLASTICA, S.A. guides its clients to the production of quality plastic injection molded products. Our costumers enjoy a superior product with prompt, courteous, timely and expert service delivered with the highest possible quality for a fair price.

To this end, our engineers and support personnel receive the highest possible degree of training, work in a highly supportive environment and are equipped with very latest technology.

METALOPLASTICA, S.A. provides an environment where our employees enjoy the highest level of job satisfaction. We pride ourselves in keeping current with the latest technologies available.

Our Team

METALOPLASTICA, S.A. global business model ensures that our customers benefit by being able to compete in the global economy.

The key to our success is our team of talented employees. Their central focus is to provide you with world-class quality, service and products.


Our objective is simply stated: To manage a profitable, well organized, highly innovative business, that way we can support and help accomplished our clients needs and necessities.

As leading specialists in our field, out motto is "Under promise, over delivery". METALOPLASTICA, S.A. is committed to meeting your needs.

Product Manufacturing

At present time our product line has a wide variety and diversity of products, direct to different productive sectors such as:
Home use, comertial, industrial, agriculture, pharmaceutical, petroleum, etc.

METALOPLASTICA, S.A., moder production facilities and skilled workforce offer our clients a broad range of production processes such as plastic injection molding (machines that range is size from 20 tons to 30), compression molding and blow molding. In an effort to provide our clients with globally competitive pricing, METALOPLASTICA, S.A.:
  1. Purchase all raw materials from a worldwide network of suppliers to secure the best possible price available.
  2. Draws upon an experienced and cost-effective labor pool that offers you a competitive advantage.
  3. Locates our production facilities in countries that have well-developed infrastructures, yet also offer globally competitive manufacturing costs.

Quality Assurance

In the past 42 years, METALOPLASTICA, S.A., has developed well-trained and experienced quality control teams that are based at each manufacturing location.

In order to ensure that our client's product specifications are met, METALOPLASTICA, S.A. has developed a series of rigorous quality control system and procedures.
  1. Trains and empowers our employees to make continual improvements to quality and manufacturing efficiencies.
  2. Quality assurance managers individually inspect each lot and inconsistencies can easily be traced.
METALOPLASTICA, S.A. is committed to meeting and exceeding all of our client's quality assurance requirements.


METALOPLASTICA, S.A. currently export our products to: Central America, South America, Puerto Rico, Mexico and The Caribbean Island, and soon we are expanding our market to North America and Europe.


METALOPLASTICA, S.A. ships to clients locations worldwide. Our freight department manages all logistical and legal formalities, that are requiered from our end of the continent.

METALOPLASTICA, S.A. manufacturing capabilities give our clients the ability to develop a wide range of new, high-quality, products, in a cost effective manner. Our operation ensure that our clients benefit from globally competitive manufacturing cost, high levels of quality assurance and efficient delivery. As a result our clients gain a competitive advantage that allows them to compete successfully in the global economy.

We would appreciate the opportunity to supply you with the products that you have interest in.

If there is a single precept to which we dedicate ourselves, it is that of excellence.

Market Application

The plastic industry was created as a requirement of a global necessity of minimizes the production costs. This can see easily in the glass and metal market, the plastics resins appeared to make many changes not only in the production cost of the companies, also helped to develops new technologies as in the computer industry, here is where plastics helped to developed applications in the construction of computer hardware. There are many examples in which the plastic industry helped in so many ways like:
  1. Ecology: The plastic industry collaborated with the ecology, finding new applications for the construction of products, which were made of wood, helping in this way to prevent the destruction of the forests.
  2. Avoid Accidents: Some studies performed by the Michiganís University, they could find that the use of products made of plastics resins, reduces the index of domestic accidents.
  3. Easy to Handle: Also in the pharmaceutical industry they find that the plastics resins helped so much. Because the bottles made by plastic resins are with better handle, low volume, low density, low weight and better protection that the bottles made of glass.